The Entire Internet Can’t Get The Woman Who Sparked The Squinting Meme


This is Kalin Elisabeth from Gwinnett County, Georgia. Elisabeth told BuzzFeed News she was at a baby shower and wanted to take this squat pose photo. Elisabeth said: “My friends and I have started this whole squat squad thing. … So typically we do the trendy squat in at least one of our pictures, depending on the occasion.” “My girlfriends, Mia, Jada, Clair, and Dani made some of the original memes,” she added. “Those were so funny.”

She said: “I did the trendy squat for one of my poses and when I got up… My knees were not too happy about that decision, LOL. I wasn’t looking at anything, as many people think. I was just in agony.”

The pose instantly became a relatable meme.

She said that she had no idea it would go viral like this. “After a couple of days I realized this wasn’t slowing down, but I had absolutely no idea it would catch fire the way it did.

“I love it, though. Like I said, I felt like my purpose in life is to bring as many smiles to as many faces as possible before I leave the world.”

Elisabeth said her mom is getting a kick out of all this and her friends have been super supportive.

Elisabeth said she found the responses hilarious. She said: “So many people have reached out telling me how the memes have brought them so much joy.

“I’ve even been asked for more ‘meme-able’ photos. Everyone has showed so much love, my heart is truly overfilled.”

Elisabeth said it’s difficult to choose a favourite, but this one about getting down on a short man’s level leaves her in stitches every time. “I’m so sorry to my short fellas, it’s all love,” she said.

People have edited her inside a car.

With the “tired SpongeBob” meme.

And the Walmart boy.

What a week.

Content Credit: Buzzfeed


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