This Man Got A Message Saying He’d Gained $1.2M However Wants To Pay A Supply Charge, So He Trolled The Scammer


Tom Sheerin, a nursing assistant from Liverpool, England received a message from a random person online, claiming to represent the CEO of Facebook. He told him that he won a cash prize of $1.2M and a jeep. The scouser decided to turn the tables and scam the scammer instead. He kept him busy for 2 hours, so he has a little, less time to scam others. It’s not the first time that he received such message, he has been receiving many of these dodgy emails, but this time he decided to have some fun.

He asked him ridiculous questions and strung the scammer along with him. He told him various scenarios and even delivered him a random picture of a horse, which was made by his son.

Tom said, “I tried to scam them a few times earlier also, but they realized it quite quickly, that I am trying to piss him off. But this one was determined, so I thought to hook him up long enough”. Tom shared his hilarious chat with the scammer.


It is quite entertaining, reading the chat.


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